french writer to discover

french writer to discover

Stendhal had already found

how to be a writer in France?
Stendhal had already found:
The man of spirit should apply to acquire what is strictly necessary to not depend on person

Seneca did not speak of the writer but life in general, in his letters to Lucilius:
They see as unfeasible anything they can not

* * Novels

4 novels published

2006: When families are homeless entered the houses closed

2006: Viré, transferred, transferred, even transferred from Rmi!

2004: La Faute a Souchon?
(who does not like to Richard Seff and Francis Cabrel .... their lawyer wrote to me ...)

1998: Freedom, I did not know so many Toi

* Theatre *

there is now a book Theatre complete ternoise:
"Theatre can be complete" was released on January 16, 2008

Initial results theatre. Last maybe. Ten pieces. The theatre Ternoise. Characters contemporaries.
65 characters, 33 women 32 men.

Two major categories of people: most likely suffer, some are trying to live standing. The time is. And Stéphane Ternoise goes Director: naturally, it's not him; variation around the identity, in other circumstances ...

* * Songs

songwriter rather than lyricist
More than 300 texts. Already!

Engraved on CD marketed by 14 performers:
Sami Rama, Frédérique Zoltane
Doc-Vazzo, Camus, Guy Sagnier, Magali Fortin, Stéphane Deprost, Ned, Paul Glaeser, Pierre Galliez, Gerald Devaux, Patrice, Christophe O'Neil, Stéphane David.

Nowhere, no regime has ever loved its great writers, only smaller.


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